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Goals, objectives and functions

The State Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Drug Control (hereinafter - Commission) is established in April 30, 1994 by the Cabinet of Ministers’ Act №229, in order to commit international requirements assumed by Uzbekistan and coordination of the fight against drugs.

Commission is an interagency body for the coordination of the fight against drug trafficking, the development and implementation of effective measures at both the national and regional levels.

Commission has the following main tasks and functions:

  • development and assist in the implementation of the national program on drug control;

  • association and the concentration of efforts of all state bodies, public organizations, labor collectives and citizens in meeting the challenges of combating illegal drug trafficking and widespread use for this purpose of political, economic, social, cultural and educational opportunities society and the state;

  • implementation of ongoing integrated assessment of the fight against drug trafficking in the relevant territory, and if necessary - in certain areas; Development of specific measures to respond to its deterioration;

  • promote the establishment and improvement of the activities of the Republican Center of operational information on drug control, creation of a single network between the center and the organizations engaged in drug control to ensure the free and unhindered exchange of information and relevant ministries and departments of Uzbekistan, as well as the law enforcement authorities of the countries - the CIS and other foreign countries;

  • promote the establishment and improvement of the activity of the Republican Forensic Service (crime lab) to provide services to all the organizations related to drug control;

  • determine the direction and coordination of research on drug control;

  • promote the establishment and improvement of the activity of the national center for training search dogs;

  • provision of cooperation between state, public, religious and charitable organizations, institutions and enterprises in the work to raise funds to finance the program for Drug Control;

  • develop and implement measures to strengthen law enforcement personnel qualification. Providing these bodies logistical and financial assistance; introduction of scientific achievements and advanced experience in search, detection and identification of drug use in the practice of their work;

  • ensure cooperation organizations of the Republic of Uzbekistan connected with the control of drugs, with the relevant organizations of foreign countries for joint action to cut off the routes run through the republic for the illegal transit of drugs to the CIS and other countries, interdict drug shipments, which are produced from local raw materials;

  • approval in accordance with the UN Conventions of 1961, 1971 and 1988 and other international agreements, lists of narcotic drugs and other substances subject to international and national monitoring, issuance of official explanations on this list;

  • sizing of narcotics and other substances under international and national control, illegal handling of which entails administrative or criminal liability;

  • development of legal control and technical rules governing the production, storage, transport and use of legitimate drugs and medicines containing narcotics, and organization of control over their application by the authorized state bodies;

  • the distribution of financial and material resources allocated to the implementation of measures to combat illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs;

  • submission to the Cabinet of Ministers on draft laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan and other regulations relating to various aspects of drug trafficking;

  • participation in the development and implementation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and outside the program of cooperation on drug control;

  • ensure preparation of proposals to the draft agreements with the countries of the CIS, as well as draft agreements with other foreign countries on the fight against illicit drug trafficking;

  • monitoring the implementation of the ministries and departments of Uzbekistan's obligations under international agreements to combat drug trafficking and abuse;

  • participation in the prescribed manner in the activities of international organizations involved in drug control;

  • selection of appropriate candidates and their direction to foreign countries to study experience of drug control;

  • organization of national and international seminars, conferences and workshops to exchange experience in combating illicit drug trafficking.

Commission heads by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan - Chairman of the State Commission for Drug Control. Deputy Chairman of the Commission is the Director of the National Information-Analytical Center on Drug Control.

The Commission consists of the heads of internal affairs, national security, customs, health, education and other public bodies.

Membership of the Commission approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Scheme of the Commission

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