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Frequently asked questions

  • Is the substance «nasvay» prohibited for use and distribution in Uzbekistan? I often see young people on the street, using «nasvay." It is sold openly in markets, which means that it is not prohibited for consumption and order in circulation… 

    At the same time, in all schools the students searched for the presence of «nasvay» and apply strict prohibitive measures when it is detected. I teach and I see a picture more than once. My students also asked me whether it is possible to use «nasvay» when it is openly sold on the streets.


    The substance referred to as «nas» or «nasvay» not included in the lists of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances subject to state control.

    However, this substance has a certain psychoactive effect, since in its composition includes a low-quality varieties of tobacco, and nicotine is addictive and dependence. Besides tobacco, «nasvay» consists of poplar bark, slaked lime and other components. Some of these components is not safe for the health. Thus, slaked lime has an aggressive action on the mucous membrane of the digestive tract, it corrodes and leads to the formation of ulcers and erosions, which subsequently can be malignant (degenerate into tumors, including malignant). That is why in countries where traditionally use «nasvay» common cancers of the oropharynx and esophagus. This pathology is recorded more frequently in young men, it also points to the consumption patterns of substance. In this regard, during the preventive work with the students it is necessary to emphasis on the negative consequences of the use of «nasvay» to human health. You also need to consider the ethical dimension of consumption «nasvay». It is necessary to talk with children need about correct behavior, that in cultural society there are certain rules: do not communicate well with something in your mouth, spit, take any other action that may be unpleasant to others. Given the above, it is necessary to clarify the students that the school is not only entitled, but obliged to take measures for health and positive development of children, including sanction, preventing the spread and use of any tobacco products.

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