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International projects and programs

Regional project of UNODC ХАС/К22 — «Countering the trafficking of Afghan opiates via the northern route by enhancing the capacity of key border crossing points (BCPs) and through the establishment of Border Liaison Offices (BLOs)».

Republic of Uzbekistan participates in this project from 2009. Project aimed to establish Border Liaison Offices for exchanging Counter Drug Field information on border crossing points of Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Another goal is to modernize material-technical base of border crossing points and improvement of human resources by providing specialized training courses.

In the framework of this project Uzbekistan customs posts «Oybek» (Tashkent region), «Sariosiyo» (Surkhandarya region), «Ayritom» (Surkhandarya region) and «Dustlik» (Andijan region) provided with modern computers, technical equipment (including units for contraband detection) and specialized software programs. In abovementioned customs posts organized Border Liaison Offices.

Regional project of UNODC TD/RER/F23 — «Strengthening Drug Law Enforcement Systems for Criminal Intelligence Collection, Analysis and Exchange».

Republic of Uzbekistan participates in this project from 2002. The project is directed on increase of efficiency of law-enforcement structures on antidrug activity by perfection of system of gathering, analyzing and management of the operative information between competent authorities on national, regional and international levels.

In the framework of this project Uzbekistan law-enforcement agencies provided with specialized computer equipment and information-analytical software intended for analyzing the operative and other related information. In total 9 countries participate in this project (the countries of the Central Asia, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia).

«UNODC-WCO Container Control Programme — segment for Central Asia and Azerbaijan» — GLOG80.

Republic of Uzbekistan participates in this project from 2002. UNODC-WCO Container Control Programme was established in 2004 by UNODC and WCO with the purpose of counteraction of criminal activity by cooperation of customs and other law enforcement bodies. Key element CCP is creation of joint interdepartmental law-enforcement structure in sel ected container terminals. CCP in assistance of WCO developed a special system of information exchange via the protected liaison channel «ContainerCOMM» (based on the Customs law-enforcement network — CENCOMM).

In the framework of this project material-technical base of customs posts was modernized and human resources also improved by providing specialized training courses.

Regional project of UNODC GLOK01 «Prevention of PAS, HIV / AIDS abuse and crime among young people through skills training programs on family life».

Republic of Uzbekistan participates in this project from 2013. Project aimed to strengthen the family and the relationships between parents and child, improvement of academic achievements, to reduction the stress in family, and also prevent using the psychoactive substances by parents. As the program of training the skills in a family life the program «Families and schools together — «FAST», established on scientifically-demonstrative base is used.

The program assists to build relations between members of the family, family and school, family and community. For educational process were bought the game accessories developing a motility and attention, stationeries, writing goods and teaching materials.

The project also plans preparation of national trainers by a cascade method, realization of monitoring of introduction, realization and estimation of efficiency of programs, studying of the best practices of professional activity in the given area in foreign and neighboring countries, etc.

Regional project of UNODC GLO/J71 «Treatnet II. Treatment of drug addiction and its consequences for health».

Republic of Uzbekistan participates in this project from 2009. The project is directed on introduction in all regions of republic of effective model of the narcological help based on the complete approach to satisfaction of requirements of drug users in a medical service, psychological and social structure.

In the framework of the project trainings on improvement of professional skill of the experts rendering the social and psychological help for drug users are lead. With technical assistance of the project for chambers of intensive therapy in Bukhara, Kashkadarya, Namangan and Samarkand region narcological cabinets provided with medical furniture, reanimation tools and other equipment.

By the working group of the project national experts developed a national instruction on rendering the narcological help to the teenagers, including questions of epidemiology, preventive maintenance and early revealing of dependence from psychoactive substances, specialty of clinic of narcological diseases at minors, their therapy and medical-social rehabilitation of teenagers.

The OSCE project «Assistance in the organization of drug control, countering illicit trafficking and spread».

Republic of Uzbekistan participates in this project fr om 2008. The project is directed on improvement of material base, carrying out of training courses and increase of information-analytical potential of competent bodies of Uzbekistan.

In assistance of the project every year published an annually Information Bulletin on drug related situation in Central Asian region. Besides short-term training courses in sphere of counteraction to illegal circulation of drugs for representatives of law enforcement bodies, expert laboratories and other authorized agencies of Uzbekistan on the basis of the educational centers of the EU are organized.

Trainings for secretaries of the regional commissions on drug control under the Ministerial council of Republic of Karakalpakstan, regional and Tashkent city municipalities as well as seminars for medical experts of regional narcological cabinets of republic are hold.

Currently in assistance of the project the information-analytical capacity of NCDC is increasing. In particular at a stage of development the Interdepartmental database system on illegal circulation of drugs of the National center on drug control.

Regional project of UNODC AD/RER/H22 «The Central Asian Regional Information and Coordination Centre — CARICC».

The Central Asian Regional Information and Coordination Centre was organized to develop the regional cooperation of the law-enforcement bodies of the Central Asian countries, Azerbaijan and Russia in the field of fight against transnational organized crime related to illicit drug trafficking by means of creating a regional contact body for mutual liaisons, analysis and for the exchange of intelligence in this sphere.

Member states of the CARICC are Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

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