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Подразделения Центра

  • Coordination department of drug control

    Head of the department: Gulomov Shukhrat Bakhodirovich

    Functions and tasks

    Functions and tasks of Coordination department on drug control

    • Coordination of the activities of law enforcement agencies and government organizations in the prevention of drug addiction, orienting them to the execution of decisions of the Government and the State Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Drug Control in this area;

    • Preparation the relevant materials for the sessions of the State Commission on Drug Control and implementation its decision;

    • Research and analysis of the effectiveness of ministries, departments, public organizations in the field of drug prevention;

    • Researching the regional commissions on coordinating the fight against drug trafficking, prevention of drug addiction, as well as preparation of analytical information on the activities of the regional commissions;

    • Provide guidance and practical help in improving the performance of the regional commissions related to the implementation of the coordination of law enforcement agencies, other governmental and non-governmental organizations in the fight against drug trafficking and drug abuse prevention;

    • Preparation of analytical materials on the narcological situation and the status of activities carried out by the Narcological Service of the Republic in the field of drug addiction, medical and social rehabilitation of drug addicts;

    • Consideration the applications from legal entities to issue permits for the import, export, transit through Uzbekistan of drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors;

    • Preparation of proposals on amendments and additions to the lists of the narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors, that’s prohibited in Uzbekistan;

    • A comparative analysis of the import and export of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors, according to the information of State Customs Committee and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

    • Coordination of activities and monitor the implementation of international projects, directed to the demanding and harming reduction of drugs and to preventing the spread of HIV / AIDS;

    • Organization of events dedicated to the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, and others.

  • Department of analysis and processing of information

    Head of the department: Gulomov Shukhrat Bakhodirovich

    Functions and tasks

    Functions and tasks of Department of analysis and processing of information

    • Preparation of analytical materials and proposals on the drug situation to the Government and to the State Commission on Drug Control, improving the organization of the fight against illicit trafficking of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors;
    • Preparation of the materials for a complex evaluation the situation regarding combating illicit drug trafficking in the country, as well as on the activities of law enforcement agencies, according to the realization the state Program on Drug Control and decisions of the State Commission;
    • Summary and analysis the statistical information concerning combating illicit drug trafficking, provided by the law enforcement agencies;
    • Revision the condition of activity of the special units of law enforcement agencies for combating illicit drug trafficking;
    • Organization and management the database on illicit drug trafficking, as well as the collection, processing and comprehensive analysis the information.

    In its activities, department uses the analytical software «IBM i2»® and other databases.

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  • International department

    Head of the department: Erkabaev Azizbek Asilbekovich

    Functions and tasks

    Functions and tasks of International department:

    • Development the project proposals of intergovernmental documents on cooperation the drug control;
    • Within the competence of National Center on Drug Control, ensure the establishment and support interaction with the central authorities, relevant agencies and organizations on drug control of other countries;
    • Participation in the preparation of annual reports to the UN on the implementation Republic of Uzbekistan the conventions, regulating international action on drug control;
    • Research, generalization and distribution of international and national experiences on the prevention of drug addiction and the fight against drug trafficking;
    • Assist state bodies in the preparation and holding of national and international seminars, conferences and symposiums.
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