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About event of destroying the drugs


June 25, 2015 on the eve of the International Day against Drugs, the National Center on Drug Control in cooperation with law enforcement and the Municipality of Tashkent organized the ceremony of burning drugs seized from illicit trafficking.

The event was attended by representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Uzbekistan, law enforcement officials, concerned ministries and departments, as well as journalists of local and foreign media.

By burning in special furnaces destroyed 1.4 tons of drugs, including 133.3 kg of heroin, 775 kg of opium, 309 kg of marijuana, 93.2 kilograms of hashish, 84 kg of kuknar, as well as a large number of psychotropic substances in tablets.

During the event showed the videos of large drug seizures cases and the measures undertaken by Uzbekistan in this sphere.

The law enforcement agencies of Uzbekistan systematically are carrying out the targeted measures to identify the channels of prevention and suppression of illicit drug trafficking. Complex operations conducted with the cooperation of organizations, ministries and departments, local authorities and the public.

In recent years, anti-drug policy of Uzbekistan aimed at improving the technical, analytical and human capacity of law enforcement agencies in the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime. 

In order to improve detection of the transit the drugs through the state border, a number of checkpoints in Karakalpakstan, Tashkent, Bukhara, Surkhandarya and other regions equipped with modern means of technical control.

As a result of the work of improving the technical capabilities in border checkpoints, there is a tendency of reducing the drugs flows, which are transiting through Uzbekistan. The drugs smuggling organizers aware of the technical possibilities of Uzbekistan and prefer avoid to cross the border or use the alternative ways. 

In order to identify and prevent cases of illicit cultivation of narcotic plants, prevention of offenses related to drug trafficking, as well as overlapping channels of drugs into the republic from the neighboring countries, law enforcement agencies with the involvement of other state authorities annually conducting the two-stage complex large-scale operation "Black poppy".

Everywhere conducted the sport competitions among the youth, concerts under the slogan of commitment to a healthy lifestyle, theatrical performances and film showings, involving the drug problem, as well as information activities among the population with the participation of representatives of health authorities and law enforcement. All events are widely reported in the media.

The anti-drug strategy, as part of a national policy to reduce the crime rate will continue to improve.

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