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Engaging in public dialogue

07/02/2020 03:42:00 pm992

   On July 1, 2020, the National Center for Drug Control in conjunction with the nationwide movement «Yuksalish» held a public dialogue with the participation of civil society institutions, government officials on the issue of drugs and the spread of drug addiction.
     The UNODC Regional Representative for Central Asia Ms. Ashita Mittal also participated in the discussion on video conferencing.
At the event, held for the first time with the support of the National Association of Electronic Mass Media, topical issues were raised related to the current state of the drug situation, its trends and «pharmacy» drug abuse issues.
    During the discussion, a number of specific proposals were voiced to solve problems in this area. In particular, proposals were voiced on the need to create effective mechanisms for regulating the pharmaceutical market, to improve the state of training in this industry, to implement scientifically based drug prevention programs with a focus on specific target groups (parents, teachers, business representatives, etc.) and to conduct research on the psychoactive substance use distribution evaluation.
The commitment of the nationwide movement «Yuksalish» to promote the involvement of the public and non-governmental organizations in the prevention of drug addiction and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle was noted.

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