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Analytical reviews

  • Drug situation in Republic of Uzbekistan in 2014 year

    Today Uzbekistan countered all the social, economic and political resources of the state for drug threating. As part of the monitoring of drug use, balanced approach aimed at drug demand reduction and prevention of illicit trafficking.

    State Commission on Drug Control adopted and implemented the Program of comprehensive measures for countering drug abuse and trafficking for 2011-2015 years.

    The Program realized measures for strengthen the material-technical and human capacities of law enforcement agencies, modernization and development of the drug treatment service, enhance international cooperation in countering drug trafficking and conducting targeted prevention of drug addiction.

    Countering illicit drug trafficking

    As a result of targeted activities and complex operations for preventing drug trafficking channels, in 2014 law enforcement agencies of Uzbekistan detected 6698 (in 2013 - 7680) drug crimes, including 3062 (3772) cases of illegal sales, 607 (623) cases of smuggling, 1320 (1491) cases of the illicit cultivation the narcotic plants and 1709 (1794) other drug crimes.

    Drug crimes detected in Uzbekistan in 2013-2014 years

    In 2014 law enforcement agencies of Uzbekistan seized 2 tons 298 kg (2 tons 326 kg) of drugs, including 106.5 (121.6) kilograms of heroin, 881.9 (851.3) kilograms of opium, 802.9 (873.5) kilograms of marijuana, 100 (143.3) kg of cannabis and 406.3 (336.3) kg of koknar (poppy straw).

    Map of drug seizures by the regions of Uzbekistan in 2014 years

    The efforts of law enforcement agencies have been directed at preventing criminal activities and eliminating inter-regional drug traffickers, organized the stable channels of drug smuggling across the state border.

    For example:

    • February 18, 2014 in the Termez district of Surkhondarya region, detained a citizen of Afghanistan, who was trying to illegally cross the state border and smuggling of 64.6 kg of opium from Afghanistan via the Amu Darya River with a rubber boat,;

    • 3 and March 13, 2014 on the territory of Bulungur district of Samarkand region, during the special operation of preventing a criminal group, which organized the transportation of drugs from Tajikistan, seized about 45 kg of opium;

    • April 11, 2014 during a special operation in Zangiata district of Tashkent region of preventing the drug smuggling from Tajikistan seized 5.7 kg of heroin and about 7 kg of opium;

    • May 22, 2014 suppressed the organized criminal group, which was specialized in smuggling the drugs from Tajikistan to the Samarkand region of Uzbekistan. Totally seized 32.5 kg of opium;

    • October 23, 2014 during a special operation in Altinsay district of Surkhondarya region seized over 12 kilograms of heroin and 10.2 kg of opium.

    Uzbekistan conducted two-stage complex operation "Black Poppy - 2014" to detect and prevent cases of illegal cultivation of narcotic plants, as well as the prevention of offenses related to drug trafficking.

    As a result of organizational and preventive operational activities, detected 1125 (1223) of illegal cultivation of narcotic plants. Also, destroyed illegal plantings with total area of 6692 (10356) sq.m.

    During the operation "Black Poppy - 2014" detected 2900 (3101) drug crimes and seized 852 kg (785 kg) of drugs.

    Increasing analytical and technical law enforcement capacity

    In the past year a certain work is carried out on increasing the analytical and technical capacity of law enforcement agencies of Uzbekistan in the fight against drug trafficking.

    To improve the mechanism for the exchange of information and the organization of its central processing, developed a unified format of a database on the basis of modern information and analytical software «IBM i2», provided by the international projects. The program installed in all analytical departments of law enforcement agencies, as well as developed a simplified form of the database.

    On the basis of the classroom of the National Center for Drug Control conducted training sessions on methodologies for the analysis of operational information through computer systems for employees of analytical department of Interior Ministry, National Security Service, State Customs Committee and General Prosecutor's Office.

    Currently, developing the National interagency database system (similar to the law enforcement systems of the EU countries).

    In order to improve detection of drug smuggling across the state border measures were taken to improve the technical capacity of the competent authorities of the Republic.

    Modern means of technical control, including large stationary and mobile scanners equipped with a number of the checkpoints of the Republic.

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