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Analytical reviews

  • Prevalence, patterns and trends of drug abuse in 2014 year

    In 2014, the development of the drug situation continued to maintain a positive dynamics of the main epidemiological indicators.

    The average Republican indicator of primary drug addiction incidence was reduced by 3.8 (2013 - 4.0).

    The number of drug addicts, registered to regular medical check-up compared with last year was reduced by 1,353 and totaled 14,692 (16,045).

    Primary morbidity of drug addiction per 100 thousand population for the period 2005-2014 years

    The number of drug addicts who injected drugs decreased and amounted to 5,110 (6,809) or 34.8% (42.4%) among those registered to regular check-up.

    Number of injecting drug users in the period 2005-2014

    Drug prevention

    In the reporting year, much attention was paid to preventive work, the main objectives of which are to reduce the demand for drugs and other psychoactive substances, reducing the number of persons in the group of increased risk of involvement in drug use.

    Regional seminars were organized for deputy principals on spiritual and educational work, leading trainers and teachers of the subject “Basics of healthy life stile” in order to increase the effectiveness of educational and outreach work with students. At the seminar the issues of prevention of child neglect, offenses, drug addiction and HIV were widely covered.

    In order to provide guidance, the Ministry of Education in cooperation with the Republican Education Center and Tashkent Islamic University organized training courses for 325 experts in spiritual and moral education.

    Drug dispensaries of the Republic conducted 183 seminars for teachers on 18-hour program of prevention and early detection of psychoactive substance abuse in children and adolescents.

    For leisure activities at general education schools there are subject and sports clubs, which were occupied over 482.1 thous. children - 10.8% of all students.

    Totally in order to promote healthy lifestyles in schools and makhallyas 6.5 thous. sports clubs are functioning, where more than 1.6 mln minors were engaged. The total number of children involved in the sport has increased by 12.3%.

    Ministries, agencies and public organizations took measures for primary prevention of drug use among various segments of the population, especially young people.

    So, narcologists performed 7,338 lectures, conducted 3,087 seminars, and carried out 632 media issues.

    Drug treatment facilities of the Republic performed twenty-four-hour consulting assistance to the population through “hotlines” that provided 2,526 consultations.

    A large-scale campaign dedicated to the International Day against Drug Abuse was carried out in the country.

    Regional commissions for drug control of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regional khokimiyats and Tashkent city organized a month’s campaign of countering drug addiction, in which a number of preventive activities involving both state and social organizations were performed.

    An event was organized on the incineration of drugs seized from illegal trafficking by law enforcement authorities of the Republic. The ceremony was also attended by representatives of the diplomatic corps and international organizations accredited in Uzbekistan.

    Strengthening the capacity of drug treatment service

    Measures were taken to improve the activity of drug treatment service.

    In 2014, in Ferghana a new typical building of the regional drug treatment dispensary was commissioned with all the necessary structural units of outpatient department. In 2015, the construction of a building for inpatient department of the dispensary is planned.

    The investment program for 2015-2016 years includes the construction of buildings of Bukhara and Navoi regional drug treatment dispensaries.

    For the development of urgent assistance in Bukhara, Kashkadarya, Namangan and Samarkand regional drug treatment dispensaries there were organized intensive treatment units, which were equipped with medical equipment with technical assistance from UNODC project GLO / J71 “Treatnet II - Treatment of drug addiction and its consequences for health”.

    Also, as part of this project for drug treatment dispensaries of the Republic the drug “naloxone” was purchased. The guidelines “Application of blockers of opiate receptors for opioid dependence” were published and distributed among narcologists.

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