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Prophylactic anti-drug work in the Republic of Uzbekistan is systematic.

Thus, the program of comprehensive measures for combating drug abuse and trafficking in 2011-2015 provided for the improvement of the anti-drug propaganda, prevent the spread of drug addiction and related offenses, modernization and development of the provision of drug treatment, including rehabilitation of drug addicts.

On an ongoing basis organized efforts to improve training for the education system through specialized training cycles of drug prevention.

Particular attention is given to preventive work with "at risk" with an emphasis on youth. The education is carried out monitoring of this category of persons, which are held explanatory talks on the theme of healthy lifestyles, organize their leisure time, by engaging in a variety of sports clubs and hobby groups subject, if necessary, the children are assigned mentors teachers.

Considering that preventive work requires a comprehensive approach in activities involving not only the ministries, departments, and public organizations, such as the "Kamolot" Charity Fund "Mahalla", the Women's Committee of Uzbekistan and others.

All decisions in the Republic of prevention efforts are finally aimed at reducing the demand for drugs and other psychoactive substances, reducing the number of persons belonging to the high risk of involvement in drug use, reduction of drug addiction.

Proof of the effectiveness of preventive measures include the following indicators of the ecological situation.

During the period 2010-2014, the primary indicator of the incidence of drug abuse has decreased from 7.6 to 3.8 per 100 thousand of population.

The number of drug addicts, registered in dispensaries decreased from 18939 to 14692. Also, the proportion of young patients in the group of 20-39 years has decreased from 69% to 48%.

However, to improve the achieved results, it is necessary to continue prevention work on the basis of new threats and emerging realities of the drug situation.

June 26 in the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as all over the world celebrated the International Day against Drug Abuse.

During June, carried out activities in the plan of a month of fighting against drug addiction.

Sport competitions conducted among the youth, concerts under the slogan of commitment to a healthy lifestyle, theatrical performances and film showings, involving the drug problem, as well as information activities among the population with the participation of representatives of health authorities and law enforcement. All events are widely reported in the media.

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